Kobelco Compressors America

Work order and shop hours collection system
The application provides an ability to assign work based on priority, and critical path based on material availability. The managers can see in real-time the number of hours budgeted for each production task assigned per work category or work order, versus the number of hours utilized to monitor production efficiency.
The Application was created by SimpleCode for Kobelco Compressors America and phases out Epicor Vantage 8.03 MES. Kobelco Compressors America manufactures complex hardware devices (compressors), and the company needed to replace the outdated proprietary software with a custom flexible solution adjusted specially for their needs.


The main screen of the administrative application is aimed at managers. It provides access to 6 modules, and availability of each module is controlled by the authorization system, based on a user's role.


The report screen displays a matrix report of monthly activity for each project and every working category (type of work operation).

Project Database

The Project Database screen allows users to:

  • Create a new project,
  • View and modify existing projects,
  • Export a project into an Excel file,
  • Print "work orders" (tickets with a task description).

It shows the structure of the project represented by three levels of detail. Each level displays corresponding information, e.g. the number of budgeted and total utilized hours.

Daily Time Sheet

This screen allows users to get detailed information about the activity of each employee for a specific day.

Project Labor Efficiency Report

This screen shows overall progress for the selected project.

Start Activity

Employees can select and activity they will be working on here.

Employee User Interface

The application provides a separate user interface for employees. It supports touch screen interaction. Employees can choose their preferred UI language when they start work.

Employee’s Current Activity

This screen shows an employee’s current activity, including the hours utilized for the current activity, and the hours remaining. The values are updated in real time. The screen also allows the employee to stop working on the activity, or to signal that the current task is complete.

Selected Activity

On this screen an employee can view details of a selected activity, and can either start it or select another one.
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