Real Estate

CRM for real estate agencies
Used by hundreds of agencies. Covers properties in all states of the USA. Facilitates lead generation with precise property searching, using 30+ advanced search criteria to provide detailed information on each property. Automated searching and notifications. Unique design for each customer’s web site.

Serves more than 600 real estate agencies in the USA. Aggregates property data from more than 150 data providers. More than 100GB of data, including listing information and photos, are processed daily. More than 40 servers serve the system.

An open API provides access to system management using 3rd party integrations. The platform is integrated with tens of third-party services, such as: Twilio, Salesforce, FollowUpBoss, BombBomb, Zillow, Zapier, Facebook, Google Adwords, SlyBroadcast, ContextIO, GoDaddy, CloudFlare, and MailChimp.

Property Search & Management

Allows searching for properties on a variety of criteria, including those that are unique to a particular state or a region (such as number of pools or type of heating).

Unified Internal Management System

Provides all details of lead communication and activity. Reminds users about scheduled tasks. Calculates average employee response time to lead emails or calls.


Inbox with all lead inquiries and conversations.

Lead Activity

Detailed monitoring of a lead's activity, including the gathering of social network information.

Find Leads

Dozens of smart filters to find leads in seconds.


Powerful dashboard with summary of past and upcoming events.

Admin Area

User-friendly Admin Area with lots of functionality.


The billing system allows sharing costs between several profiles, such as partners or lenders.

Re-sellers and related functionality

Campaigns & Plans

Drip campaigns, action plans (automated and manual), task lists and even more.

Lead Routing

Lead routing rules allow configuring of flexible system behavior depending on sources, time of the day, location, etc.

Telephone System

A powerful telephone system which allows redirecting calls from leads to an assigned agent, identifying agents with a single number, recording conversations, leaving messages, reporting new leads, etc.

Mobile Application

All functionality is available for agents via the mobile application.

3D Tour

Application allows clients to participate in 3D tours of properties.

Creating individual sites

Create individual sites for featured listings using the admin panel, which allows custom designs, handles automatic domain name registration, and fully supports virtual tour integration. Sites are designed to be Google friendly. Unique design for each client's site.
powered project management
20 000
man hours
360 000
requests per hour
at peak hours