Virtual Healthcare

Remote consultation through video
A SaaS application for the healthcare sector to facilitate remote doctor-patient consultations over video.
The telemedicine software allows full virtualization of any clinic, giving you everything you need to provide virtual care to patients. The virtual consultation experience is effective, simple, and efficient for both patients and doctors.

1 Appointment schedule

The patient can schedule a future appointment with a doctor, or can request an immediate appointment in a case of a more urgent situation.

2 Doctor choice

The patient may choose a doctor and pick a convenient time for an appointment. The system provides real-time information about each doctor's schedule.

3 Appointment details

After the patient chooses a doctor, the system collects information about the appointment and the patient's insurance details.

4 Intake information

When the appointment time arrives, a patient logs in to the system, and provides their intake information. The intake form can be configured by each hospital.

5 Waiting room

After a patient completes intake, they go to the waiting room, where they wait for their doctor.

6 Consultation

When a doctor becomes available, video consultation begins. When the doctor finishes the consultation, they will complete their notes, write any necessary prescriptions, and end the consultation.

7 Consultation history

Once the consultation has finished, full consultation details are available for both patient and doctor in the consultation history.

1 Schedule

Each doctor manages their schedule and selects the times when they are available or unavailable.

2 Patient queue

On the patient queue page, doctors can review patient information, forward patient information to a nurse, or start a consultation with a patient.

3 Intake form

Doctors can configure custom patient intake forms.

4 Consultation workflow

Doctors can manage visibility rules in order to manage the consultation workflow.
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