Machine Learning Visualization

Have you been interested about learning process of a neural network? Our developer has visualized that process and has written the paper about it.

Nerdio Manager has reached One Million Users

Nerdio has reached the millionth user!
Vadim Vladimirsky says: "Super proud of our amazing team and looking forward to helping many more millions of users enjoy the benefits of AzureVirtualDesktop and Windows365."
This is the result of our common work as a development and support team, together with managers, marketers, and personally the owners of Nerdio, our customer.

React Native or Flutter?

What do you like better - Flutter or React Native? Our tech lead Dmitry Z has written an article sharing his experience working with both Flutter and React Native to develop cross-platform mobile applications. This is the ultimate app framework showdown!

Support for Windows 365

Have you heard about Windows 365? Today Microsoft announced Windows 365, a cloud service that introduces a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 to businesses of all sizes. Windows 365 takes the operating system to the Microsoft cloud, streaming the full Windows experience. Windows 365 will be generally available starting on Aug. 2, 2021. Today we are glad to announce that SimpleCode has added support for Windows 365 to the virtual office product that we implement for one of our biggest clients. We were able to do that by the tight deadline and release at the date of official Windows 365 announcement!

ICAgile Certified Professional

Julia Safonova attended Scrum/Agile courses at popular ScrumTreck company (member of international scrum association ICAgile), successfully completed it and was awarded with certificate of ICAgile Certified Professional. We congratulate Julia, and we will use her knowledge for our work.

The AZ-104 exam completed by several developers

Alex Vantsev has passed the AZ-104 exam. Now he is a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator. Alex works on the complex project that is deeply based on Azure platform and has proven his skills. Past year 2 other developers had completed it: Alexey Vlasov and Timur Zalyaev. Other developers have been preparing for passing it in the near future. We encourage our developers to constantly improve their qualification and follow new technologies.

.NET Core for Mac without DPAPI

Are you a cross platform developer and looking for DPAPI on MAC? Oleg Batashov wrote How to encrypt data in .NET Core applications on macOS without DPAPI.

Article from our CTO

If you are curious how SQL works, you must read this ultimate article. No matter if you're a beginner or an experienced software developer, you'll find this article useful.

SimpleCode Programming Best Practices

SimpleCode publishes programming best practices we maintain across all our projects. Let's dive straight in.

SimpleCode's coding standards

SimpleCode have published their own proven coding standards and guidelines for C# language. These coding standards and conventions helped us to build large projects with a reliable and maintainable code base. Today we are glad to share them with other teams of developers.

Article from our CEO

Our CEO Andrey Antonov wrote an article that can be useful for small startups that use Azure.

Results of the year 2020

2020 was difficult because of COVID-19 but at same time it was of the most prodictive years for our company. Few of our employess got sick but were restored and continue working with us. Except that a lot of positive things happened. Our team has grown to 60 developers and we have implemented 2 more large projects. Hopefully 2021 will be a year of returning to normal life.

New technical article

A memory leak on a production server? Timur Ovcharov wrote a very useful article on how to collect information about an error in cases where an error occurs in the release of a version of your application.

New office in St. Petersburg

We have opened a new office in central area of St. Petersburg! It has convenient transport accessibility. The building has a picturesque landscaped courtyard for relaxing breaks. Nearby there is a river and a walking area. The office has several rooms with excellent renovation, its own kitchen and shower room. At the moment 10 employees will work in the office. We plan to continue expanding and opening new offices!

There is a new technical guide on our blog!

Our developers share their amazing experience. Read our guide how to set up group policy scripts programmatically. There is not a more complete guide to solve this problem on the Internet.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I exam passed

Congratulations to Olga Karalkina on successfully passing the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I exam! Olga's profile on Trailblazer. Olga is working on a project management system for Salesforce, which has many positive reviews on AppExchange. Olga helped bring the application state from a startup level to a level used by hundreds companies in the US and Canada! Congratulations to Olga on the certification and on a successful product!

Technical statement about recursion

Do you know why we recommend avoiding recursion and why we've prohibited it in our projects? Roman Shaposhnikov wrote an ultimate article that emphasizes the disadvantages of recursion and states how recursion can be replaced with iteration.

MVP of brand new medical application in mental health is ready

We are proud to say that the MVP of a brand new medical application for mental health is ready on time! Chris Rovin, a product manager of the startup, said: "Had 3 big demos this week and the app is looking great! Wanted to pass that along to you guys and say thanks for all the hard work getting tele together!"

New technical article!

There is a new technical article on our blog!
Regression tests are an important part in achieving a good product quality. At the same time, an API can provide a business application with a significant piece of functionality which is often left untested. Oleg Batashov considered different approaches on testing 3rd party APIs and found their advantages and disadvantages. Read this solid research here .

How automatic notifications help in sales

The real estate CRM project team has implemented an improved notifications model that allows agents to keep in touch with their customer needs and operate very quickly on the market changes.
Now, it's getting results! Mike Novak, a team leader of Novak Team, secured a great opportunity in his work because of this system.
Read what he says:
"I wanted to share a win with you. The notifications have tipped us off to check on leads that could otherwise be forgotten about or lost into the abyss of the database. I had one lead today that's been in there for forever, had no action plans running and was archived. She saved a few homes, I reached out, and she's now ready to go buy a home. This is going to be a huge opportunity and safety net for agents that are purposeful and disciplined with reviewing the alerts. Thanks for doing this"
--Mike Novak

ProjectSputnik onboard!

SimpleCode is happy to announce that we have acquired a great project! ProjectSputnik is one of the easiest to use and most useful project management applications. Unlike others, it is a really specialized platform for outsourcing development teams, and it embeds to its core the most important required functionality: time tracking, invoices, and effectiveness reports. Unfortunately, the project had not been growing for about 7 years, but now that it's on board, we will apply significant resources to make it the best project management software it can be. Our first task - we'll be converting the codebase from .Net Framework to .Net Core, and we'll be making it open source! Stay tuned!

SQL optimisation saves machine resources

Our team is currently working hard on a great and large-scale platform for lawyers and their teams. One of the important functionalities of the solution is the customized summary reports. The team figured out that some reports that were implemented by developers of the previous development team take tens of minutes to run. After a few days of work, the report logic and the SQL queries were optimized, which reduced report execution time from minutes to milliseconds.
Daniel S. Jacobs, CTO of Law Ruler, wrote this thankful message to the team:
"I wanted to thank you for fixing the issue with our intake form. Alexander and Vasily figured it out. This problem was driving us nuts for years and they just fixed it in less than a week. As always, I am impressed with you and your team's work. Thank you!
--Dan Jacobs"

COVID notice & security

SimpleCode would like to officially announce that all developers will start to work from home from Monday, the 23d March, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be taking place until further notice. We understand that remote working may result in difficulties in team communication, however it is what we should now do as we care about human health. We do what we can to help keep social distancing as the most effective tool available to stop the spread of the disease. Important note: computer security is also key area of expertise of our company. Working remotely, development machines can be a target for computer virus attacks. All our remote development machines satisfy a strong password policy and follow security best practices. For clients, we continue working as usual.

Management application for Microsoft WVD is released!

As we reported before, in November 2019 we started to build a brand new project based on Microsoft WVD technology. Now we are proud to announce that after working hard for 4 months, we have released the management application for WVD! The Application helps large companies to set up virtual offices in Microsoft Azure in just a click, and we are just now getting the first feedback from customers!

Results of the year 2019

Happy New Year to everyone! 2019 was a very intensive year of work. We worked hard and we have grown! We started 2019 with 19 developers and 3 teams, and now completing 2019 with 41 developers and 5 teams! 2020 is going to open a lot of interesting opportunities for us so we'll continue working hard!

On top of Microsoft technologies

Amol Dalvi from Nerdio has participated in a Microsoft annual development meetup in Denver and they were very interested in the Nerdio project. Microsoft provided us with a beta version of a new technology - WVD. We have started to build a new sub-branch of the Nerdio project, based on WVD technology. Two PhDs will also take part in development!

New project in mental health

Mental health is critical in any kind of work, but it is especially important in sports. For example, hockey players, being physically strong, should also be strong mentally. When you compete with others with similar levels of training, the power to win is often in the power of your mind. A winner is a person who is faster, stronger, smarter than the others, and who does not give in. Today, we are starting work on an MVP for a brand new medical startup that will connect patients and doctors and keep focus on mental health. The scientific part of the project is supported by 12 doctors of medicine! The deadline to complete the MVP is in the middle of May, 2020. A lot of work including telemed. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

New office in Novocherkassk!

Today we have opened a beautiful new office in Novocherkassk! We have always found that this town is a very good place for life and for work. Small town, silent green roads. Our new office is located near to a public park and the Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University. The good university is the main reason why Novocherkassk has so many cool developers. We have a lot of work for the professionals!