Why Us

Clients choose us because

We are smart
We solve any problems for you within 16 hours
We create modern and practical tools

Technical debt under control

Generally, technical debt increases significantly when a project grows. The faster new features are added, the larger technical debt is. Eventually, it causes deterioration in the stability of the project. We control technical debt and keep it at the minimum possible level from the very start.

Minimizing expenses

We resolve engineering problems while taking into account the cost of possible solutions for our clients. We think about development and usage costs, and apply the most effective approach after discussing advantages and disadvantages with our client. We don't spend our client's time without a reason.


We provide a lifetime warranty for our work. Our clients may not have considered future support of the project, and so may not know what to do if a problem arises two years after the project is completed. We are confident in the quality of our solutions, and our warranty reflects this.

Engineering approach

Attention to detail, forecasting possible drawbacks, following industry standards. These things allow us to create quality products which can be scaled and maintained long-term. We are flexible. We use modular architectures which allows us to make changes in the process of development.


Quality first. Our programmers always try and do their best to implement a quality product for clients. They are not just coders. They are proactive. If you miss something, our developers will find it and discuss it with you.


Our mission is providing the best software development services with maximum attention to a client's needs and business. We clearly understand that an application that we build is a tool which helps our clients to make more money — but the right tool should also save time by automating typical manual operations wherever possible.

Web-based applications & services

We create software based on web technologies, both for public usage, and for internal usage by companies — our clients. Our software is distinguished by its:

  • Ability to scale,
  • Central management,
  • Accessibility from any location.

Integration & syncronization

We integrate with existing software:

  • Salesforce
  • Twilio
  • Quickbooks Desktop & Quickbooks Online

Cross-platform mobile applications

Our mobile applications:

  • Provide a modern UX that solves business tasks,
  • Work on any platform (iOS, Android),
  • Include an offline mode.
about us

Company foundation

SimpleCode was founded in 2013 by Andrey Antonov and Dmitry Andrushkevich, who have both had many years of successful programming experience. Andrey and Dmitry are also the company managers. Our mission is to provide the best services to our clients by taking into account the future of their project.

Andrey Antonov,

Andrey studied electrical drive automation at university, and has worked on many industrial projects. He started programming in 2000, using tasm. Andrey's first commercial firmware program is used in a simulator for astronauts.

Dmitry Andrushkevich,

Dmitry studied railroad sector automation at university. He wrote his for program for the ZX Spectrum in 1995, and has successfully built tens of business applications. Dmitry wrote his first JS framework before JS had been widely adopted in industry.


In 9 years of existence, the company has grown to 60 people and continues to grow.
At the moment, the company can carry out projects with the capacity of up to 8000 man-hours per month.
We work only with the best programmers. Our programmers are proactive, qualified, and proud of what they do.


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Flemington, NJ 08822
6 Goroda Volos, 802
Rostov-on-Don, 344010
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68a Nevsky Ave, 307
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